Tri To…Not Feel Robbed

I’m a podcast junkie. I admit it. I love listening to podcast shows on a variety of topics from health and fitness, to politics, to personal development, to comedy. It’s no secret that I want to develop a podcast in the not-so-distant future where I (wait for it) tri to be funny.

I was just listening to a wildly popular podcast called The Nerdist. It’s hosted by a couple of comedian/actors who interview and chat with wildly famous (and not so famous) actors. In this particular show, they were talking about how people always think comedians are in a position to do or say something funny. Host, Chris Hardwick, said, “If I were being robbed at gunpoint, would I still try to be funny?”


Suddenly (thank you for the plug, Chris), I felt compelled to write something.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt like I’ve being robbed at gunpoint, metaphorically speaking, of course. After several years of many false starts of getting back to running with Gilbert’s Gazelles, I found myself quickly injured with a hip flexor strain and on the sidelines again after a brief two month return to glory. I had a pocket full of money and some jackass just walked up behind me and tried take it all away.  That proverbial pocket full of money is The Boston Marathon that I’m scheduled to run on April 21st.

Of course, I start questioning my decisions (like being robbed is my fault). In the same way a crime victim questions themselves (“Was I being careless?” “Did I not pay attention to my surroundings?” “What did I do wrong?”) I’ve been questioning myself as well. “Did I push too hard?” “Was I prepared to ramp up the mileage?” “Did I run out of my comfort zone?”

All truth be told, I don’t think I was pushing too hard. In fact, I was holding back most days. Shit just happens. People just get robbed. Sports Psychologist Tim Zeddies had a brilliant quote the night of our Austin FitTalk panel discussion. When he works with frustrated injured athletes, he tells them that the injury was supposed to happen. “Why? Because it did.” Ouch…talk about feeling violated.

So, here I am, feeling a little violated with my bum hip flexor. I haven’t run in two weeks and I’m trying to be funny through it all. I have to because there’s no sense in being pissy and depressed. I still qualified for the dang Boston Marathon, for god’s sake (and I already have my 2014 jacket hanging in the closet waiting for me to cross the finish line!)

You know who was really robbed? The victims of the bombing last year… Now, THEY were robbed…of life, love and limb.  They were true victims of a robbery. Many are coming back to run the race this year. They are (and rightfully so) being honored for the amazing individuals that they are. They are the ones who I’m drawing upon right now when I think about what race day will look like.

In the meantime, I’m hanging onto my wallet and, yes, will Tri To Be Funny through it all.


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