Tri To…Enjoy Yo’Self

photo 3

I was at Austin Sports Therapy last week having my left hip worked on (read: squeezed, poked and prodded–not in a good way) and Sasha gave me a post-it note freshly stamped with the phrase, “Enjoy Yo’Self.”  She had also made one for herself that was stuck  eye-level on her laptop monitor. I’m not sure if I gave her a “f*ck my life” look when I walked in the door, but she basically just stamped the piece of paper, handed it to me, and was all like, “Get in line, sista.”

I must’ve had that selfish self-pity look on my face again. Or, the look of, ” If I could be anywhere else in the world right now…” Clearly, I was sending out the bitch vibe.  That post-it note now sits on the dashboard of my car and is there when I need it most (even when I’m too childish and stubborn to look at it).

Thankfully, though, most days I don’t need it. I mean, how can I not enjoy myself when I get to work at swim clinics (or, is this an underwater dance class?!) Actually, now that I think of it,  I was probably enjoying myself because I was on the pool deck and not in the water.

photo 4

Or, days like this past Sunday when the weather was gorgeous and the cycling company was off-the-charts spectacular?! I hadn’t planned on riding 65 miles, but was happy to be there for Rosita as she pedaled through her miles in preparation for Ironman Texas with a smile (sometimes) on her face.

photo 2

And, moments like this, when a friend who has been sober for 11 years thanked me for being one of the reasons why, especially in recent years as we’ve gotten to know each other. Every day she gets up and makes a choice. Lord knows some days are easier than others. Most days though, I know she gets up, looks at herself in the mirror, smiles and says, “Beeotch-Enjoy Yo’Self!”

photo 1


And she is one of the reasons why I get to!


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