Tri to Be…A Doctor and Therapist

ImageI love writing for Austin Fit Magazine, as it allows me to sprinkle a little (or splatter a lot) of my own personality and experiences into each piece I write. This March column was certainly no exception as I dug into my emotions when dealing with athlete’s aches, pains and drama. Lord knows, there is no shortage of it when training for big races.

It does drive me cray when people say, “I hire you to be my therapist” and I have to politely reply, “Then I need to increase my rates because you pay me per month what most therapists get paid for  an hour!”  Clearly, I wasn’t paying attention on career day in elementary school.

I’m definitely no doctor or therapist, but I played on for this photo shoot and had a great time pretending to make a lot of money while listening to people’s woes!



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