Tri to…Lead By Example

Leave it to me to schedule an athlete meeting on the same day as Cinco de Mayo!  Ironman Texas is just two short weeks away and I wanted to get together with my athletes to go over details on race day, course profiles, special needs, etc.  You know…work out the kinks and the nervous energy. Of course, the only night we could get together was on Cinco de Mayo. Even though no one can ever really explain that holiday, it may as well be a day off work in Texas. Happy Hour starts early in this town!  So, in true coach form, I had my peeps meet me for happy hour at a local Mexican restaurant for some learnin’ over sangria! These athletes have a shit ton to celebrate, especially after looking over their training logs for the last five months. Good God– months of long runs, long rides and stressful days lead to the finish line (and a pre-race toast from their coach!)  We’re in this to have fun, right?

Clearly, I was using this opportunity to teach them how I hydrate–via wine glass and straw!

Cheers to my Ironman Texas athletes! You deserve it!!


Wisdom (and Hydration Advice) from Coachy Coach

Wisdom (and Hydration Advice) from Coachy Coach


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