FOMO Night at the Run Lab- Proper Biomechanics Can Alleviate Injury. Go Figure!


I drove by the building on South Lamar and noticed the new sign immediately: Run Lab

Wha? Wha? What??

What is this business and how do I not know what’s going on inside?!  I swear this hasn’t been here that long. I pulled in the parking lot and the doors were locked. Apparently, I missed the regular business hours. OK. mental note. Do your homework, Barrett. You’re a coach and a fitness writer. You’re supposed to know about these things!

Fast forward to the Kerrville Triathlon Festival. The FOMO tent was set up at the finish festival directly across from the Run Lab tent. Now’s my chance to finally make that introduction!  I headed over to their tent and introduced myself and my team to Dr. Kim and her staff. I immediately loved her energy and was relieved to know that I wasn’t crazy. They had just recently moved into that building from up north and were still getting established.

I’m always looking for strategic partnerships and ways to to co-promote opportunities with FOMO and this was another perfect fit. The Run Lab is a full-service business for sport specific rehabilitation, chiropractic care, ART,  injury prevention and biomechanic evaluation. Dr. Davis offered to host a FOMO Night to discuss injury prevention, biomechanics and how they do a treadmill gait analysis. What an awesome opportunity!IMG_7824

On November 10th, the Run Lab hosted FOMO and Friends for a happy hour and learning session. Over 30 of us showed up to meet Dr. Davis and learn about the ins and outs of proper (and improper) running form. We went through the good, bad and ugly photos that often accompany runners at the end of a race. Ever have a race photo where your hips look crooked or your knees are buckling? Ever run with your arms out in front of you? Do you “put the breaks on” when your foot hits the ground? We just don’t know what we look like when we run. Last time I checked, no one was following me around at all times with a camera in hand (praise Jesus). What may feel like a perfect stride may, in fact, be an imbalanced gait that will eventually be detrimental to our muscles and joints. Little imbalances lead to big injuries with the constant repetition we place on our bodies. It pretty much is insane that we keep pounding our bodies to the ground with very little strength training or recovery, and then we wonder why the hell we’re in pain…yep…it’s a classic case of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Sadly, I’m as insane as they come. IMG_7819IMG_7825

Dr. Kim opened our eyes to those small discrepancies that each of us have. She went through common injuries like plantar, IT band and hip pain and explained some of the culprits of this pain. OK, let’s face it. Most of those culprits involve weak GLUTES!  When our glutes don’t fire properly, other muscles have to bear the load and that’s what leads to those nagging pains in our hips, knees and IT Band.  She was insightful, knowledgable, funny and engaging. It’s always humorous when someone calls you out on your own stupidity and, let’s be honest, sometimes we’re just plain stupid with how we treat ourselves.

The most enlightening part of the evening was the video gait analysis demonstration. She showed us some of those little inefficiencies in slo-mo. I also learned that heel striking isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Who knew?!  We saw runners that ran too much on their toes and runners with hip drop on one or both sides. We also saw runners who are doing it right. Eye-opening to say the least.

My goal for 2015 is to schedule a gait analysis with Dr. Kim and The RunLab Austin. Only good things can come when you learn what’s wrong and the proper way to correct it. Lord knows with my hip health history, I can use all the pointers I can get!

Thanks, RunLab Austin!

Kim and CarrieIMG_7821IMG_7815


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