– Short-Course Season Blueprint

It’s been over a decade now, but the scars of building a new home from the ground up don’t fade easily! I remember how frustrating it was coming to check on the progress of the build and thinking ridiculous things like, “I thought the toilet was going in THIS corner,” or “We need one more electrical outlet!”  Weeks turned into months. The punch list became just that…a list I wanted to punch every time I saw it because it just seemed to keep growing.

Yet, here we are over ten years later and we’re still living in our dream home (well, it’s a condo, but who’s keeping score?). The annoying changes and the attention to meticulous details paid off because I still don’t want to change a thing. I love every square inch of this house because so much of our blood, sweat and Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons went into making it our very own.

Planning a triathlon season really is like building a home. Not only must you have vision and creativity, but you also need tenacity and some form of accountability to keep you on target for your big day. I wrote about this for and even provided a basic blueprint for a short course season. It’s not the perfect plan, but have you ever seen the perfect blueprint? Walls get knocked down, doors get shifted and closets become bathrooms all of the time. Treat this as your basic floor plan and start selecting your individual upgrades. In no time at all, that blueprint will become your finished reality – with a fresh coat of paint and all!  Read the article and training plan HERE.


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