Keeping Austin Fit – Community Love


AASA Triathlon Team at Circuit of the Americas – 5/1

Project Austin

Project Austin – 5/2

What a powerful 12 hours it was. I’m still in awe at the amount of unique and fun experiences that Austin offers an daily, hourly, oh hell, minute-by-minute basis most days.  Anyone who claims there isn’t much to do or struggles to find “their tribe,” is simply not looking hard enough.

On Tuesday night, at least 40 members of the Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy Triathlon team headed out to the Circuit of the Americas Race Track to spin around like Mario Andretti on our bikes. This unique series brings cyclists of all ages and abilities together each Tuesday night for some fun and turn-by-turn excitement. It’s always fun riding outside on a beautiful evening, but when you add the fact that it’s safe, everyone is riding in the same direction and the only other vehicles out there are those with two wheels, it makes the experience damn near perfect.

We got home late Tuesday night, but I was up and at it again on Wednesday morning for the free 6am Project Austin workout at the Capital building!   Usually large group “ra ra” sessions aren’t my thing, but this experience was a shot of adrenaline in the darkness of a humid morning. Chants, hugs and shouts of “F*ck Yeah!” permeated the walls of the Capitol building and I have to admit, I was sucked in to the group mentality and the mass enthusiasm of 200 others running around the building doing burpees, squats and push-ups. It’s so cool that Austin has picked up a November Project group and I hope it continues to gain momentum. I’ll surely be back, but for the next four weeks, I also do my weightlifting class on Wed/Fri mornings right now at 7am.  If you’re interested in the FREE Project Austin workouts, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.



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