Earn That Body Podcast: My Interview!

My family and my life-long friends know I struggled with weight as a child and young adult, despite being a young tomboy who played all kinds of sports.

My transformation started in my late 20s with the help of some dear friends. I had a great job, but my personal life was not in good shape. I would weigh in each week at Weight Watchers, gain a pound and then go eat chips and queso because I was so self-defeated. My first aha moment came when I decided to join the Austin Fit running group in 2001. Monica Beard and our 10:30 pace crew started a trajectory of total change that cemented itself when I crossed the finish line of that first marathon almost 5 hours later. Unbeknownst to me, at least 30 of my KASE/KVET co-workers were scattered along the course at different mile markers with “Run Carrie Run” t-shirts and my favorite, “Run Bitch Run” sign. To this day, I’ve never felt more love, support, self-pride, and gratitude…and once you get a healthy dose of self-worth, you don’t want it to end. That’s how my journey started and I know it’s my job in life to help others find *that moment,* whether I’m coaching them, writing an article, or telling a dirty joke.

Thanks, Kim Strassmann-Eagle, for giving someone like me (who often feels invisible in the world of six-pack abs and elite level skills) a voice for those who struggle daily to “fit in.” I’m always happy to share my unremarkable, but very relatable, story for those of us out there who just never feel good, strong, fast or sexy enough. I’m here to say…we are all those things…and then some.

Listen to Earn That Body Here


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