Austin Fit Magazine- July 2017 -Live a Great Story

LIVE A GREAT STORY. Where were you when you first saw those words? I remember exactly where I was. I was heading home from work in my car at the corner of Mopac and Lake Austin Boulevard, likely bemoaning the traffic and the fact that RunTex actually had become a pawn shop. Waiting for the light to turn green, I glanced ahead and saw those four words literally plastered on the side of a crosswalk post. LIVE A GREAT STORY. I’m pretty sure my initial reaction was, “I’d love to buddy, but right now I’m just trying to get through this intersection so I can get home and live a great evening!” That reminder stuck with me, though, and just like an old friend coincidentally calls out of the blue when you’ve just been thinking about them, those “Live a Great Story” signs mysteriously seemed to pop up all over town and, consequently, all over my Facebook feed as friends posed for selfies. Suddenly they were everywhere, but where in the world did they come from?

I got the scoop on #LIVE from the creator/artist, Zach Horvath, in this month’s Austin Fit Magazine. Read It HERE


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