Runderwear-Power to the Panty!

Editor’s Note: There are no photos of me actually posing in the Runderwear. I wouldn’t do that to you or me.

IMG_6148When I was young, I, like most girls of the 80s, rocked some Wonder Woman Underoos. Under my clothes, which were usually hand-me-downs from one of my four older brothers, I was a tough, but feminine, superhero. (Lord, nothing has changed).  I didn’t have an invisible jet, but I did possess some secret superpowers, even if they were just manufactured underwear I wore while playing football, wiffle ball, and dirt-bike riding with the neighborhood dudes.

Sadly (or happily?), not much has changed some 40 years later. The only thing different? My clothes are no longer hand-me-downs and my bra/panty combination isn’t the signature Wonder Woman red, white and blue (which begs the question, “Why AREN’T they?!”). However, I still hold onto whatever superpowers I can muster, especially when it pertains to training and racing.

I clearly have some odd modesty left over from my Catholic school days or something, because I actually do wear underwear under my running shorts and tights – yes, even the shorts that already have a built-in liner. That fact has sparked some hilarious comments and debate on the Facebook page and I can’t even deny the oddity that I am. I’m so used to embracing my weirdness that I’ve given up holding any defenses about them. I just don’t feel comfortable going commando in tights or leggings – nope, nope, nope. As for the shorts with liners? Some of my shorts are so old that the liners have worn thin and flimsy. That’s a recipe for chafing and, let’s put it out there, after 5, 6, 7 years of wear and wash, some simply have that “not-so-fresh” feeling that even the strongest bleach couldn’t remove at this point.

Runderwear to the Rescue! I met these guys at The Running Event back in December and we had a great chat. I even featured them on a recent addition of my “I Could Never Do That” podcast. I shared my frustration with comfort and chafing and they encouraged me to try their brand. Within a month, a G-string (wha? wha?) and Hipster-style panty were in the mailbox!

IMG_6139The G-String – All unflattering visuals aside, I’m typically not a fan of g-strings. I get the point of them (I think). No panty lines…but they’ve just never been that comfortable. Or, perhaps I’ve never given them a fair shot. I can’t rid myself of the, “There’s something up my butt” feeling because there literally is something up my butt! Call me crazy! Back when I did stand-up comedy (yes, I’ve done that too), I had a bit about g-strings, or t-backs as they are also referred. I used to joke that I spent so much time trying to keep them out of my butt, that mine looked more like a z-back than a t-back!


OK, you’re almost 45-years-old, Carrie. Time to give it another shot. I wore the g-string on a short run and boxing class, of all things! It doesn’t get more movement than that. “Jab, Cross, Hook, G-string!” Because it happened to fall on the two days of winter we had in Austin, I was also wearing them under some Lululemon tights. Holy crap – they fit! I was fully expecting the Small to be too snug, but the sizing was true to the label. When does that shit happen? They were comfy…enough…As comfy as a g-string gets when you haven’t worn one since your honeymoon. They totally served the purpose, though, of showing no visible panty line.  They even felt comfy on the run and, by the end of boxing class, I had completely forgotten I was wearing them; perhaps because my arms were too sore to care.

Would I wear the g-string on a longish run? Probably not. But, that’s just me and I have to take baby steps. I’ll definitely wear them for everyday wear including short runs, yoga (that will be interesting), boxing and the like. My friend, Ana? I know she’d rock these on a long run! Apparently, she wore a g-string during her Ironman marathon – so there you go! (She also put on perfume and lipstick, too, and that’s why I love her).

G-String Bottom Line: (See what I did there?)

Awesome for everyday use under tights and normal clothes. I had to get used to the whole “g-string” feeling and urge to pick my butt. After an hour or so, I had forgotten they were on…

photoThe Hipster Cut – Just yesterday, I hit the trails for a long run on the Greenbelt-perfect chance to try the more modest hipster-cut. Ahhh…so much more my style! Now, I don’t wear hipster cuts very often (or, as I say, “boy cut”), but they were super comfortable. I’m usually more of a brief girl (I know, so boring and vanilla), but these completely served the purpose on a 13-mile, humid and wet (ewwww) trail run. I didn’t experience any chafing or discomfort and I never felt the need to adjust them either. My shorts did have a liner, but I’m already used to the double coverage so it didn’t bother me.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 5.41.50 PM

13+ Miles of Hipster Bliss on the Greenbelt

Hipster Bottom Line: If you’re used to g-strings or brief cuts, this can feel like “over-coverage” at first, but that’s the style. Higher on the waist and lower on the legs. Great for long runs if you’re used to it…no chafing and never any urge to adjust (omg, I sounded like a total dude). Again, I wore a size Small and they fit well.

I can’t wait to try the simple Brief style since that’s what I wear most often. So, yes, Runderwear, passes the test and gets an endorsement for comfort and keeping me chafe-free!

Now, if only I could get my sports bras to do the same!

To order, visit, or Amazon. Yes, they do have Boy sizes as well. Plus, they have other products including socks, baselayers and headwear!




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