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The game-changing tech that puts your performance data right before your eyes.

by Carrie Barrett

This article is presented by SOLOS.

When paired via Bluetooth to an app downloaded to your phone, SOLOS Smart Glasses display real-time metrics to a small optical screen in your line of vision without obstructing your view. That alone makes these glasses cool, but here are five other features that enhance your interactive and immersive training experience and make these a must-have.

New TrainingPeaks Integration

Perhaps the most groundbreaking recent enhancement to SOLOS Smart Glasses is the new integration with TrainingPeaks. You can now pair your SOLOS with your TrainingPeaks account and synch the workouts that are prescribed in your training calendar. No more writing down complex workouts or taking your focus away from the session to see what’s coming up next. More than eye protection, SOLOS Smart Glasses now become a virtual coach with settings that enable you to control how much the unit will “talk” you through the session. When you execute a TrainingPeaks workout using SOLOS, you’ll see many metrics, including your performance against the target, time or distance left, upcoming targets, and more.

Data Where/When You Want it

How many times have you caught yourself fidgeting with your computer screen or watch when you should be focusing on the road or trail ahead? With customized data displayed in your line of vision, you never have to look away from the road, sharpening your reaction time and keeping you in the moment. As a triathlete, you know that seconds matter and if you can see your power data or pace without looking away or toggling a screen, not only will you be able to respond faster, but you can do so without breaking form or posing danger to those around you.

Seamless Navigating

The glasses also double as a visual/audio navigation system, so you never again have to consult a paper map or stop every few miles to look at your computer or phone. Built-in speakers broadcast turn-by-turn cues, alleviating distractions and downtime while increasing efficiency and safety. You can also download routes or plug in an address, and allow SOLOS to guide you there without taking your eyes off the road. Want to see if you’re improving your time trial skills or hill climbs on a specific route? Try out SOLOS’ “Ghost Mode” and race against a previous effort and find out.

Group Workout Feature

The design and capabilities of SOLOS Smart Glasses were initially inspired by a collaboration with USA Cycling ahead of the 2016 Rio Games where split-second decisions and communication are key. Are you part of a team who frequently trains or races together? Enhance your skills and improve communication with SOLOS, which provides hands-free two-way communication with up to 10 SOLOS users.

Post-Workout Analysis

This powerful training tool also provides detailed post-workout analysis that includes a graphical representation of data points on how you performed in each segment of the workout. You can also share your results on various social platforms and connect to your favorite social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

With the immersive “virtual coach” capabilities of SOLOS, you’ll be training at a professional level with a tool that is designed to keep you safe and make you fast.

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