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Be Like Water

This past week, I went from The 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida to the Endurance Exchange multisport conference in Arizona…from the beach to the desert…from music to sport…from art to science -although I would argue that coaching is as much art as it is science. There were many anecdotal and philosophical takeaways at each, but one of my favorites was from the EE Keynote address by Major League Baseball player, turned Ironman, turned charity triathlete, Eric Byrnes. One of his slides emphasized the famous Bruce Lee quote, “Be Like Water.”

Water is fluid, ever-changing. It can be calm or ferocious, peaceful or angry. It adapts and it changes – constantly. It responds to the conditions surrounding it.

In life, and especially multisport training/racing, we want things to go as planned. We want our training to be 100% perfect and our race day to be flawless. Rarely is it. Be like water.

The takeaway? Go with the flow, literally. Think about an ocean. Even though there may be waves on the surface, once you dive underneath, it’s serene and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to dive in and enjoy the view. It may get a little rough at times, but if you ride the rough patches, you will fall into harmony and rhythm with your training and racing. Don’t create extra turbulence where none exists.

It was a dream week for me tooling around from show to show in Florida, followed by three days of “triathlon school.” In addition to soaking in the rays of Florida and Arizona, I soaked in the passion of those I met at both live concerts and live presentations on all things multisport.

It turns out that being a songwriter and a coach are very similar. Each has a voice, a story, a vision. Each has a particular form of communication and a way of invoking change. One does it through movement on a racecourse and another does it through movement on the page. The goal? Create harmony and love. Teach. Motivate. Act. Inspire. Engage.

Both are very fluid forms of expression. Be like water.

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