Mission: Mobility

ABC - It’s Easy as DVT. Wait. What? The Background of Mission: Mobility Just two weeks ago, I was talking to my friend, Bill, over at Restore Cryotherapy/Stretch Base about how I'm starting to feel like an old lady at the tender age of 45 - or, should I say, ‘at the tender middle-age of … Continue reading Mission: Mobility


Active.com – Five Things Successful Triathletes Do

The original piece as seen on Active.com Some triathletes make it look so easy. We often think the path to success is paved exclusively around training hours. The more the better, right? If this pro trains 30 hours a week, that must be the path to success! Not exactly. Bear in mind that an accumulation … Continue reading Active.com – Five Things Successful Triathletes Do

Exploring New Trails & New Shoes – 361 Degrees-Spire 3

See that cracked dry trail? Yes, it is the scorched earth that is otherwise known as "Austin, Texas in July." The forecast for the next week includes satanic temperatures of 105, 106 and 107 degree days. Well, hell, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Might as well turn up the heat and make … Continue reading Exploring New Trails & New Shoes – 361 Degrees-Spire 3

Runderwear-Power to the Panty!

Editor's Note: There are no photos of me actually posing in the Runderwear. I wouldn't do that to you or me. When I was young, I, like most girls of the 80s, rocked some Wonder Woman Underoos. Under my clothes, which were usually hand-me-downs from one of my four older brothers, I was a tough, but … Continue reading Runderwear-Power to the Panty!