– “Habits of a Successful Triathlete”

Wash, rinse and repeat. Since we were toddlers, we were taught that in order to become good at something as simple as washing our hair we had to learn the skills, create a plan, develop habits around the ritual and repeat almost daily until it becomes second nature. What was once a monumental task has … Continue reading – “Habits of a Successful Triathlete”


Austin Fit Magazine – June 2018 – Canyon Adventure Training

The original article can be found at Austin Fit Magazine Thousands of people descend and ascend the famous Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails of the Grand Canyon annually. While it’s not easy, there is one unofficial trek reserved for the crazy: a one-day Rim-to-rim-to-rim Crossing. While it’s not an official event, conquering rim-to-rim-to-rim has … Continue reading Austin Fit Magazine – June 2018 – Canyon Adventure Training

Bearing My Cross-Cyclocross, That Is!

Excuses, Excuses I don’t have the right bike. I don’t need another bike. I don’t want to get injured. I’m a triathlete so I’m terrible at bike handling skills. I’m too old for this sh*t! Oh, I had all the excuses for why I shouldn’t try the sport of cyclocross, a form of bike racing … Continue reading Bearing My Cross-Cyclocross, That Is! – Things Every Triathlete Should Embrace About Swimming

Swimming is often the leg triathletes dread the most. It isn’t like running or even riding a bike—you can’t just get up and do it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t master the technique and turn that weakness into a strength. Keep these five things in mind the next time you hit the water, and … Continue reading – Things Every Triathlete Should Embrace About Swimming