Podcast Appearances

Earn That Body Podcast – with Kim Eagle

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 4.27.25 PMAre you sitting on a coach wondering if you could ever do more? What if there is an ATHLETE inside you and you don’t even know it? Check out this podcast interview with Carrie Barrett to find out how she went from UNFIT to ATHLETE! She says she once came in last place for a Half Marathon! And NOW she is on top of the podium! She talks about how she did it, how she lost weight and how she became a vegetarian! An episode you do not want to miss!


Is Child Free For Me Podcast – with Jill Zeligson Brenner & Saira John

Child free logoCarrie is a 44-year-old, married, self described author, athlete, coach, fitness ambassador and RV adventurer. She may be short in stature, standing at only 5’1”, but she is mighty and routinely competes in impressive endurance sports races (she’s an Ironman!). Carrie effectively weaves a tale of her happy upbringing in an Italian home in Columbus, Ohio.  As the youngest of 5 children and the only girl, she acknowledges that she has always been a tomboy and was raised to be able to fend for herself. Carrie knew from an early age that she was not meant for motherhood but hadn’t made that a formal decision. True clarity on this issue only came when she and her husband participated in premarital counseling through the Catholic church. Carrie is open about how she would experience waves of self-doubt and think something is wrong with her because she never had a maternal urge. Her candor around this topic is engrossing and she is a wonderful storyteller.

Carrie has a true passion for fitness, healthy living (required to say she’s a vegan, ha!) and helping others. She has made children a part of her life through various activities and enjoys the time she spends with them. Hear how Carrie has crafted a rich life and how she continues to challenge herself and grow.


Drunk Athlete Podcast – with Erin Truslow

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Enough said…There may have been guitars and sing-a-longs!