– “Habits of a Successful Triathlete”

Wash, rinse and repeat. Since we were toddlers, we were taught that in order to become good at something as simple as washing our hair we had to learn the skills, create a plan, develop habits around the ritual and repeat almost daily until it becomes second nature. What was once a monumental task has … Continue reading – “Habits of a Successful Triathlete”


Mission: Mobility

ABC - It’s Easy as DVT. Wait. What? The Background of Mission: Mobility Just two weeks ago, I was talking to my friend, Bill, over at Restore Cryotherapy/Stretch Base about how I'm starting to feel like an old lady at the tender age of 45 - or, should I say, ‘at the tender middle-age of … Continue reading Mission: Mobility – Workouts Every Triathlete Must Do

To view the article on,  Click HERE Training for a triathlon is no simple challenge. Logistically, you have to balance time and equipment needs of three different sports. Physically, each of those disciplines require vastly different skill sets and energy demands. While every training plan can and should look different based on time available, … Continue reading – Workouts Every Triathlete Must Do – 7 Keys to Nailing Your Bike Split

You've signed up for a triathlon and you no doubt intend on racing fast and achieving lofty personal goals. A key component to that successful finish you're hoping for is becoming the best cyclist you can be before race day. Not only should you be strong and confident on the bike, you also want to … Continue reading – 7 Keys to Nailing Your Bike Split