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I Took a Walk Today

This piece originally appeared at I Took A Walk Today By: Carrie Barrett I took a walk today. The Air Quality Index here in Bend, Oregon hovered around 500, which is in the deep red state of “hazardous,” beyond even “unhealthy,” thanks to unprecedented fires that are burning all around me. The AQI meter… Continue reading I Took a Walk Today

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Be Like Water

This past week, I went from The 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida to the Endurance Exchange multisport conference in Arizona...from the beach to the desert...from music to sport...from art to science -although I would argue that coaching is as much art as it is science. There were many anecdotal and philosophical takeaways at each, but… Continue reading Be Like Water


Austin Fit Magazine – January 2019

Human Wellness is the New Corporate Wellness In an age where things seem to change rapidly, the latest trend in corporate wellness is starting to ride a more permanent wave. BY CARRIE BARRETT December 31, 2018 As seen on    Gone are the days of sticking it out to maximize your 401k or receive… Continue reading Austin Fit Magazine – January 2019