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Austin Fit Magazine – You Can Do An Ironman

Yes, you most certainly can do an IRONMAN triathlon and don't let anyone (mostly yourself) tell you that you can't. In this issue of Austin Fit Magazine, I tell the stories of four normal folks who also had the dream. They may have tried to talk themselves out of it a time or two, but [...]

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Life Lessons from the Olympic Games

Dang it, I don't want the Olympics to end. I'm going to miss coming home from work every night and getting unreasonably excited about volleyball, track, swimming, gymnastics and the 24 other sports represented at the 2016 Rio Games. It's so inspiring and motivating watching these athletes lay everything out there day in and day out [...]

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So Much for “Training By Feel”

This is what happens when you are on "office duty" at work, the Olympic Cycling Time Trial is on and you are trying to get a bike workout in using your Kickr. The result? I'm pretty sure the only thing missing here are my tin-foil antennas for my head. Seriously- The iPhone was monitoring my [...]

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Austin Fit Magazine – August 2016 – Healthy Heroes

We all love to watch champions and those who are at the top of their game. It is Olympic season after all and, like millions of Americans, I'm glued to the TV from morning until night cheering for my fellow country-folk give everything they have.  I mean, who knew that ping pong and fencing could [...]